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L.I.F.E. Programs

[Living Intentionally From Enlightenment]

"Every human being is born with the capacity to think in a healthy, productive access a thought process that's orderly, intelligent, responsive, and creative. Understanding our source of Innate Thinking can assist everyone to access that precious inner resource."

- George S. Pransky, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Psychology of Mind, Author, The Renaissance of Psychology.


L.I.F.E. Training, Coaching, and Consulting

[Eliciting natural resiliency and innate health in individuals and organizations]

  • Business and Corporate Therapy - Social Structure - Relationship Analysis
  • Stress/Conflict/Anger Cessation
  • Disturbed Employee Issues
  • Customer/Client Relationships


Phoenix Counseling - Individual, Couples, Marriages

  • Restorative Mental Health
  • Addictions Treatment
  • Anger and Domestic Disturbance Treatment
  • Stress Reduction Treatment


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