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wa-ter-shed (wô'tar-shed') - revisited

wa-ter-shed (wô'tar-shed') n.

1. The region draining into a river, river system, or other body of water.

2. A critical point that marks a division or a change of course; a turning point: "a watershed in modern American history, a time that … forever changed American social attitudes" (Robert Reinhold).

In my last article I discussed #1 of the definition above. I had a thought afterward about #2 that I would like to write about.

Every one of us have had critical points in our lives where we have come to a point of no return, where we needed to make a "watershed" decision about our lives. For some, many of these points have not seemed apparently critical, yet they have, as a result, defined our lives, or a particular course of our lives.

A few of them that I thought of are: finishing high school, getting a first job, changing jobs, joining the military, going to college, converting to a church, converting from one church to another, getting married, starting a family, staying married, getting divorced, moving away, coming home, etc.. Every one of these, and the many others we may be able to think of for our particular lives, stand out as markers along the time-line of our journey from birth to death.

I would like to write about a different type of watershed–one that goes to our deepest yearnings and can lead us to our greatest possible personal accomplishments.

Over the past few years I have read a series of articles and have had conversations with a number of colleagues about numerous accounts of experiences where people diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses or chronic debilitating illnesses, have, in remarkable shifts of fortune, miraculously recovered and experienced what is known in the medical field as "spontaneous remission". They no longer have the illness, and there was/is no explanation (medically speaking) for their return to health.

My interest in the articles and conversations looked at a singular variable that threads through the experiences of these individuals who spontaneously recovered. In some form or another, it is being reported that while they were contemplating the ramifications of their illnesses, their thoughts often turned inward–to their silent, wise, inner voices. Many reported that their inner examining brought about an inward searching inquiry about their lives–specifically about the pain, sorrow, regret, anger, resentment, hopelessness, faithlessness and/or lack of forgiveness they were carrying in their memories. This examination was not critical or judgmental, but loving and understanding.

Most of them, if not all, until they were brought to this defining point (their illness), had never experienced this awareness, knowledge, or the experience of this inner resource of knowledge, wisdom and personal authority available to them.

The turning point-the change of course-the watershed:

As these individuals experienced their inner searching, many reported that as they came to understand their inner resources, and contemplated these things at their deeper levels of wisdom, they found an even deeper wisdom arising from within–a feeling of love and forgiveness that they could not explain,–that seemed to come through them, but not from them.

They noticed the feeling begun to heal their thinking, from their deepest inner yearnings outward to their daily conscious living. As the healing moved outward, they found their thinking clearing, and their attachment to their negative memories and thoughts disintegrating. They could not hold onto their negative thoughts. Even if negative thoughts appeared in their minds–they would just come and go–without sticking. They reported their thinking changed over a brief period of time from an inner darkness to an inner light. They reported that this change was not difficult because the change in their thinking came from a deeper wisdom, rather than their own thinking.

As their thinking cleared up, many reported they experienced a change of heart about many things in their lives that had previously crippled them. The most often reported, and most significant event that occurred in these people, was forgiveness of Self. For the first time in their lives they experienced a state of personal freedom they could never conceive in the past.

Many found, with this new freedom came a deeper understanding, wisdom, and courage that made it possible to reach out in love, understanding and forgiveness to those toward whom they had previously had negative thinking and feelings. They initiated events and circumstances for healing the wounds of the past.

Through the experience of their thinking healing, most reported they had a general sense of "feeling better" physically, or "improving physically". However, since their attention had shifted from their physical self, to their spiritual Self, most did not notice the remarkable healing occurring in their bodies. The miracle of their physical healing is verified in later medical testing.

This watershed lies at our very hearts. It lies at the depth of the essential within each of us. It lies in our decision to turn inward to our higher authority; to our personal authority for our answers to our life circumstances and events. This wisdom, insight and intelligence is invisible to our physical senses and lies out of reach and out of touch with our conscious ego (memory) selves. Getting there is our choice, our decision, our watershed. Being there is our birthright. By returning there, we will receive the power to change ourselves and/or be healed of our subjective wounds, and often our physical ailments.

I wish you such a journey.

My deepest regards; D. Tully


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