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The Power Of Thought - Finished

At the core of our Thinking structure are our “personal” thoughts from which we draw our “personal” image of our worthlessness, or worthiness. This image, rises to the surface, developed out of the “rules and regulations”, “policy and procedures”, and the governing “protocol” of the family, environment and culture we were raised in. If it was hostile and threatening, we probably developed a Thought structure that allowed us to “survive”. This structure consists of habits of Thought that protect us or defend us, or put barriers between us and the world. If our family and culture of origin was open, creative, and responsive, and encouraged discovery; overlooking rigid, dogmatic attention to social compliance, we continued to reap huge benefits of self-discovery.

In a negative environment, some parents may be vengeful and punitive and demand “retribution” for making mistakes and/or doing things wrong. Mistakes are seen as weakness; or cause for punishment and chastisement. Punishment and fear tactics are seen as discipline. Children are held “responsible” for the parent’s emotional state. Because of these conditions, the Thinking structure we are conditioned to develop will either be aggressive (fighting back), or passive aggressive (withdrawing temporarily, but exploding at the drop of a hat). Any conflict, disagreement, or difference of opinion, seen from this Thought structure, will appear threatening, intimidating and emotionally overwhelming.

The usual and customary thought response for this “reality” is to defend, so we fight and attack, in the attempt to put down, destroy, control, or eliminate the source of the threat. This Thought structure is restrictive, dogmatic, narrow, regressive, concrete, and time limited. These people experience life as a constant “closing in”, a spiraling down, and/or, a ceaseless struggle. Most people with this Thought structure are “shut down” by their thirties, as they continue lives of quiet desperation and hopeless resolution to their horrible, ineffectual, stagnant lives.

In a positive environment, mistakes were seen as learning opportunities, with numerous rewards for overcoming, or working through our problems and mistakes. We are allowed to remain in our natural Thinking structure, where we see the world through thoughts of wonder and gratitude. With this thinking, we remain open; “learning” responsive and accountable ways of interacting with the world. Because mistakes were seen as springboards to deeper understanding, we quickly moved through our age appropriate “difficulties” and problems, gaining knowledge, insight and wisdom through the experience.

As with a negative life “scripting” experience, the positive life “scripting” experience is accumulative. The more we do of each, the more we get of each. And whichever Thought structure we use, we will get the applicable experience. If we plant corn, we will get corn; we will never get pumpkins.

This brings us back to the power of thoughts. How we came about acquiring whatever Thought structure we are using to create our experience of life is irrelevant. All we need to see from this moment on is that WE HAVE THE POWER OF CHOICE. THE FREE WILL TO CHANGE OUR thoughts, HAS BEEN, IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE INSIDE US. It was never taken from us, nor, can it be.

There is no difference in the power of our thoughts, between our, “ not knowing” and, our “knowing” about free will. The difference, or change, in our experience comes in allowing ourselves off the “hook” of “obeying” the negatives we have come to believe in. By beginning here, we allow Mind to bring us NEW thinking, through our Thought structure, that will give us a new, responsive, more healthy experience in life.

Remember the fruit in the bin? Did you not plant, prune, spray, harvest, ship, or display it? No!! Your only part in the process was to choose what fruit you “prefer”. That is all. Nothing more. It’s the same with thought. From now on, all that is necessary for us to see, is that, if, through the development of our Thinking structures we came to “believe we are forced” to choose the old, rotten, bruised, dirty, misshapen, picked over, dried out, and tasteless, fruit in the bin, then, WE CAN STOP, MOVE OVER TO THE FRESH, CLEAN, TASTY, COLORFUL, WELL SHAPED, JUICY part of the bin, and make our choices there. Remember, the fruit does not choose us; we choose it. The quality of our experience of eating the fruit will be directly related to the fruit we chose.

That is the exact way it is with our thoughts. It isn’t the thought that creates problems, or solutions in the experiences of our lives. The thought does not determine that for us; we do. By the quality, or lack of quality, of the thoughts we choose, we determine our life experience. And as well, by the same means we choose which thoughts we will retain and maintain in our minds.

Let’s say you have an obsolete computer, with obsolete programs. There is nothing wrong with either. The computer and the programs run just fine. You are aware (painfully) that in the ten years since you bought the computer and the programs, incredible advances have been made in computer and software technology. However, your Thought structure prevents you from upgrading your computer and programs, because one or two rigid, unresponsive thoughts in your Thought structure keep reminding you that if you do upgrade, the upgrade will be immediately obsolete because of further advances in computer technology–so why waste your money in upgrading. So rather than choosing to upgrade (and having all the experiences related to the upgrade), you choose to retain and maintain the obsolete computer and programs (and thereby experience that quality of computer technology). This is the same as not allowing ourselves to get over our rigid refusal to upgrade our thinking, and let ourselves upgrade.

What you have lost because of this thinking is the ease, responsiveness, creativity, and innumerable benefits and options of the upgrades, and even the enjoyment of using the improved equipment and programs. It isn’t our thinking that keeps us bound up, or sets us free, but the exercise of our WILL to not change, or ALLOW change.

This is illustrated by looking at AOL. Periodically, without any control or manipulation on their part, AOL will upgrade their program on my computer. They are making improvements all the time to improve the ease, quality, responsiveness and creativity of their product. As these improvements become available, they automatically make the upgrade to the millions of users of AOL.

This is a very appropriate illustration to finish this paper. Universal Mind is constantly sending us messages and information to upgrade our “programs”. Those improvements will constantly move us to deeper understandings, and higher quality of life. We do not even have to ask for them. With AOL, all I need to do is turn on the computer, and then access the AOL program. That is my CHOICE; or the exercise of my free will. AOL does the rest.

With Mind, all we need do, since we are already turned on, is access the program. Quieting our minds, letting thoughts go that pollute our experience, and looking inward for nice feelings, are all ways of accessing our “inner net” connection to the Infinitely/Infinite Wide Web (IIWW). And MIND will do the rest.

D. Tully


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