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Epiphany [Change] Buses

In some cities, there is a primary bus distribution hub for the city bus system. All the routes, the times, and number of buses, are regulated from here. All the buses leave from this central hub and return to it. If you catch a bus at any location throughout the city, and you ride the bus long enough, you will come back to this central hub.

In many ways, our thinking can be compared to this bus hub and distribution center. Many of us are just like this bus hub and distribution center with our thinking. We go to our central thinking hub (memory-based/bound thinking) and use the same thinking every day, in every way. We take the thinking route/s we do because of habit, not because they are right–or even good for us. For a variety of reasons, earlier in our lives, they may have been the right routes, or for some reason or another, the only routes available, but we continue to take them now, even if they no longer serve the same purpose they did then. The thinking hub, and "programmed" thinking we use by habit, determines our quality of life.

At each thinking [bus] hub—which determines all our thought routes—there is at least one innate, natural thought which will break us free of our low-quality, stagnant, painful lives.

Even the worst thinking hub available to each one of us, if we are living at the lowest quality of life, will have one change route. Along with the one change bus, the hub is filled with numerous thoughts [buses] heading out to routes for self-gratification, self-aggrandizement, self-pity, self-absorption, self- victimization, self-righteousness, perpetration on others, and self-destruction, etc. All the thoughts [buses], except the change thought [bus], lead nowhere. They lead to dead ends, blind alleys, and human garbage dumps where countless people end their lives in isolation, solitude and oblivion; where often, no mark or trace of them remains.

Most of us, starting our discovery process, will find that we are stuck with certain thinking patterns that seem "unescapable" [bus hubs and bus routes that someone made us take on their bus routes, and while on them, did terrible, hurtful, damaging things to us]. When we remember that it was their thinking [bus route, not ours, and that the “trip” only lasted for the time it did], we will see, that, in spite of what they did, even on their hub, there is a change thought [bus] waiting for us. As soon as we see that thought [even if its only one change thought], our fear will begin to drop away. We need to find the change thought [bus] in our hub and follow it to our next route [change thought]—which then sets us free.

From any low-quality thinking hub, we can begin our discovery of our true selves; whether purposefully, or by fortune, by getting on the thought change bus and allowing ourselves to be taken to completely different thinking hubs with different thinking “routes”. The first thing we will notice is that there are additional thinking [change routes] options, and some of our old self-degrading thinking is no longer available to us. We are free to pick and ride the available thinking [routes] just as we were at the thinking hub we came from, and we will find that some of the routes are better than the one's we came from, but still, they lead nowhere.

At the thought hubs of our low-quality of life experiences, most of us will probably experiment with whatever thinking [routes] is/are available, trying to find relief for our habitual anxiety feelings. Most of the thinking [routes] may appear familiar and we may feel uncomfortable not taking them. But, again, whether on purpose, or by fortune, when we take one of the thought change buses, we will again be transported to a completely different thinking hub with, again, improved thinking [routes], with less low-quality life thinking [routes] available. In addition, there are additional thought change buses.

What we start to see, as we choose to take the thought change bus at each of the new hubs, is that our (routes [choices]) keep improving, and that at each new thought hub, the thought change bus routes increase and the low life-quality routes decrease. In addition, the number of transfers from low and normal life-quality routes to thought change routes is increasing. If we get on a “regular” route bus and notice our mistake, our opportunities to transfer to a thought change bus are increasing so that we can do so at nearly any point along the route.

D. Tully


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