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What Do We Mean By Low, Normal, and High "Life-Quality" Lives

It is important to address in this article what we mean by low, normal, and high, life-quality lives. What we "see" from within Health Realization as the single determinant of the quality of our lives is happiness. To what degree we experience happiness in our lives, we experience a corresponding quality of life. Our happiness is measurable one-to-one to the quality of thinking we have.

Our common up-bringing and social training has taught us to measure our quality of life by our behavior, or the behavior of people around us. Within Health Realization, we do not look at "behavior" as an indicator, because we can be deceived by behavior. While it is true that people who think they are unhappy do unhappy behavior, there are also many desperately unhappy people that make it appear, through their behavior, that they are happy.

While we may use worldly wealth, power, or prestige, to maintain the appearance of our happiness, we are suffering untold damage to our emotional, spiritual, and ultimately, our physical selves. Unhappiness is a bitter, often slow-acting poison that slowly eats away at everything about us that makes us human. It's a cancer, slowly strangling out our "living" parts.

Our humanity has nothing to do with our physical bodies and our physical surroundings, but has everything to do with our connectedness to one another—to our oneness as a race—created by the same source. It has everything to do with our will, our desire, our determination to get back to the source of our creation, and connectedness. Therein lies our happiness. By whatever route we take, by the choices we make, by our individual wills, we decide the depth, the quality, and/or the degree of happiness we will experience.

There is a way already laid out by Mind for the healing of the minds of It’s creation. The healing will happen, just as a rose, left to itself, in a beautiful healthy rose garden, will unfold naturally, elegant and perfect. So it is with each human mind. First, being allowed to “see” its potential, capacity, and purpose, and second, to be encouraged to live from that “sight”, allows for this same perfect, natural, elegant unfolding of the individual.

Recovery of our psychological health is never painful. Recovery of our psychological health does not take time. Recovery of our psychological health is not difficult. Recovery of our psychological health is one thought away. Recovery of our psychological health is a matter of willing-ness. Recovery of our psychological health is a matter of faith.

As the rose has the faith and willing-ness to allow its tightly bound bud to open one petal at a time into the universe, and make its oneness, its uniqueness, it’s self be known, we too have that same faith and willingness to allow ourselves to unfold in the innate, natural pattern known only to Mind. "Seeing" that faith will allow each of us to take the thoughts that will at each moment, lift us to higher and higher thinking and consciousness. Thus, greater and greater depths (or heights, whichever way you look at it) of happiness become our experience. 

D. Tully

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