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Available Books on Health Realization, Psychology of Mind, Innate Thinking

Some of the available books, research, or articles on the subject include:

Somebody Should Have Told US, by Jack Pransky
Modello, a Tale of Hope for the Inner City and Beyond, by Jack Pransky.
Prevention from the Inside-Out, by Jack Pransky
The Wisdom Within, by Roger Mills and Elsie Spittle
Wisdom for Life, by Elsie Spittle
The Serenity Principle, by Joseph Bailey
Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey
Falling in Love with Life, by Thomas M. Kelley
Positive Psychology and Adolescent Mental Health: False Promise or True Breakthrough? by Thomas M. Kelley, Adolesence, June 22, 2004,
The Spark Inside, by Ami Chen Mills-Naim
The Health Realization Primer, by Roger Mills and Elsie Spittle
The Relationship Handbook, by George Pransky

Dear Liza, by Sydney Banks
The Enlightened Gardner, by Sydney Banks
The Enlightened Gardner Revisited, by Sydney Banks
In Quest of the Pearl, by Sydney Banks
The Missing Link: Reflections on Philosophy and Spirit, by Sydney Banks
Second Chance, by Sydney Banks