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The Parable of Pebbles

I do not want to take credit for this article, however I ran into it several months ago and have intended to post it in order to share with you who are following this website. I cannot tell you the intense feelings of life scrutiny I experience each time I read this tale. I hope that it helps many in their journey of life experience and discovery. Enjoy.

The Parable of the Pebbles


A man was walking in the wilderness, when suddenly he heard a voice from heaven. The man was instructed to collect as many pebbles from the ground as he could, and told that the next day he would be both glad and sad at the same time. Confused by the menial nature of the task assigned to him, the man collected only a handful of pebbles. The next morning he discovered that they had transformed into precious gems. He was glad that he had collected the pebbles, but sad that he had not collected more.

Many times, we cannot perceive the value of what we are doing until it is accomplished. If we do not always do our best in whatever we do, we may have regrets about lost opportunities.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Such a simple tale, but how profound in its message of choice and responsibility to take advantage of every event and circumstance in our lives. This tale, as with the tale of The Ant, is always prudent and re-mindful.





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