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The Power Of Thought - Finished

At the core of our Thinking structure are our “personal” thoughts from which we draw our “personal” image of our worthlessness, or worthiness. This image, rises to the surface, developed out of the “rules and regulations”, “policy and procedures”, and the governing “protocol” of the family, environment and culture we were raised in. If it was hostile and threatening, we probably developed a Thought structure that allowed us to “survive”.

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What Do We Mean By Low, Normal, and High "Life-Quality" Lives

It is important to address in this article what we mean by low, normal, and high, life-quality lives. What we "see" from within Health Realization as the single determinant of the quality of our lives is happiness. To what degree we experience happiness in our lives, we experience a corresponding quality of life. Our happiness is measurable one-to-one to the quality of thinking we have.

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Epiphany [Change] Buses

In some cities, there is a primary bus distribution hub for the city bus system. All the routes, the times, and number of buses, are regulated from here. All the buses leave from this central hub and return to it.

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