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With any form of personal change, a considerable amount of responsibility for that change lies with the individual. These workshops are intensive and address ideas that may seem foreign. These workshops teach about personal accountability; assuming responsibility for your own life; making your own choices; and seeing that your experience of life comes from your own thinking - not from anyone or anything else. All you need, to learn, is to be open to new ideas, and have a willing, teachable heart.

The workshops are just that -- workshops -- they are not "therapy" - although because of the training about the three principles, and understandings that support them, most, if not all of you will move beyond the "issues" that brought you into the workshop.

The purpose of the workshops is to train you, so that you have the information you need to be your own "therapist"; to give you the insight and understanding to "cure", "resolve", or "move beyond" those things that have been troubling your life. When you have this understanding, you can be "cured" of anything. You do not have to spend your life "coping" with your "self", your mates, children, other people, your illnesses, your fears, etc., or feeling that you are in bondage to an addiction or mental or emotional disorder. You begin to find your own answers -- from inside yourself -- you become independent -- able to depend on yourself.

You no longer need "therapy".

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